Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meditation to Concentration. Duh.

 "The mind is everything; you think what you become."
         Many people have been uninformed or misinformed about the true meaning of meditation and the true benefits it can give to people.  Mediation is a growing practice in the entire world and includes all types of people and cultures.
Meditation is defined as being an approach that anyone can use to help them cope with medical problems, stress, anxiety, contemplation and reflection.  In fact, in the Western world the word meditation means a concentrated state of mind in serious reflection. In the East, Mediation is something very different; it is described as repairing the mind in a spiritual ideal, to be one with it and/or the thought-process disintegrating in the consciousness of it. Mediation also includes an array of practices that are slightly different, while keeping the primary dictum of consideration and quiet thought to bring out a state of rumination. 
There are a variety of commonly recognized and not recognized meditation practices out there.  Some common practices are:
  •  Zen meditation
  •  Prayer
  •  Buddhist meditation
  •  Taoist meditation
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation                                       
 The different types also may include different requirements of the body such as holding completely still or moving with controlled steadiness, while other types are more free movement.  While all the meditation types are very different, the conclusion of meditation is usually the same with mind-peacefulness and free from stress. 
There are two basic goals of meditation: 
  • Spiritual renewal (or the feeling of wholeness with a higher source of life) 
  •  To be in a state of mind-peace with yourself.  Having a peaceful mind helps you become free of your everyday worries and also gives you wholeness with yourself.  When your mind is at peace, you will develop a more effective way of dealing with stressful situations and events that happen in your every day life.  

Research has proven that meditation is a safe and easy way to balance different mind sets such as: emotional, physical and mental state.  Doctors around the world are even promoting the benefits in mediation in stress related illnesses, which is probably the most beneficial for people.  Duh. 

                  "All wrong-doing arises because of mind.  If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?" - Buddha

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