Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ode to Growing up... or something like that.

When I grow up...I want to be
  • An educator.
  • A professional lover.
  • A mom that's able to (without gagging) wipe snot of her child's nose.
  • A professional traveler. 
  • A writer.
  • A dancer.
  • A yoga instructor.
  • A pottery woman.
  • A barber.
  • A healer. 
  • A professional mediator. 
  • A guitar player.
  • A wrangler.
  • An Activist.
  • A professional hula dancer.
  • A professional kick boxer.
  • A care giver.
  • One of those mom's that's able to talk about healthy sex with her kids.
  • A fisherwoman.
  • A professional sweatpants-wearer. 
  • A gardener.
  • An eyebrow plucker.
  • A professional free-spirit.
  • A farmer.
  • A public speaker.
  • An explorer
  • A counselor.
  • A life changer.
  • A surfer.
  • A special education teacher.
  • An artist.
  • A professional hay bale thrower.
  • A professional recycler.
  • A horse whisperer.
  • A professional blogger.
  • A "handy" man.
  • A zoo keeper.
  • A photographer.
  • A talk show host.
  • A professional volunteer. 
  • An awesome "fart joke" teller.
  • A peace maker. 
  • A pancake flipper.
  • A tour guide.
  • An Environmentalist. 
  • A professional rockstar in my living room.
  • A flight attendant for a night. 
  • A firefighter.
  • An Auctioneer. 
  • A dream provider. 
  • A chef.
  • An tiger trainer.
  • An animal rescuer. 
  • A mermaid.
  • A seashell collector. 
  • A rattlesnake wrangler. 
  • A sumo wrestler
  • A goal accomplisher. 
  • A party-thrower.
  • A wine taster. 
  • A motivational speaker.
  • An inspiration maker.
  • A scuba diver. 
  • A mountain woman.
  • A Therapist.
  • A culture extremist. 
                 I remember once when someone asked me what I'd like to be when I grow up.  I answered "I'd like to be happy, because then I'll never have to "work" again." He told me that I was missing the whole point of the question, and then I told him he was missing the whole point in life.
                 Everyone wants to be happy.  So find something that makes you happy, then do it until you die.  Ode to growing up.

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    WHY Aids?

                  AIDS.  That is what I'm working on.  Working with.  How can a disease so strong, so deadly.... be so forgotten?  People are prejudice towards victims of AIDS.  People are prejudice towards Africa.  But why?  Because it "started" there?  There is a start and finish to every epidemic right?  WHY do people give up hope?  Because things will get worse before they get better?  Isn't that the way the world works?  How can you forget something that is affecting millions of lives... millions of children?  How can you help? Do you ever ask yourself that?  Or do you only think about how you can help yourself... your own loved ones?  What if your loved ones became infected with AIDS?  What if you were infected by AIDS?  Would you want help?  Would you feel trapped?  Forgotten?  What can you do to help?  Find out.

                              Did you know:  33.3 Million people worldwide are infected by HIV/AIDS?
                              Did you know:  30.0 Million people have died due to HIV/AIDS?
                              Did you know:  14.9 Million children are orphaned in Africa alone due to HIV/AIDS?