Tuesday, March 1, 2011


               Apparently my inspiration for anything has went on vacation without telling me.  I've lost all inspiration.  I've temporarily lost myself.  In my 23 years of (mostly) wonderful life, I've never felt so empty.  Not even after my relationship (with my 'once upon a time' love of my life... ) completely failed.  How is it possible to listen to people who don't even know me?  Why do I let people like this affect me?  I'm well aware I can't please everyone, and I'm well aware that I am not perfect.  So......

              Ode to you all,

         Why don't you all listen to my side of the story?  Why do men get to rule the world?  I have a voice too.  Yeah, I may have screwed up.  I am NOT perfect... nor do I have any intentions on being perfect.  That's what makes me who I am.  If you have a problem with me then why don't you man up and come to me yourself.  I MAKE MISTAKES.  I also fix them.  I did not survive 23 years flying by the seat of my pants.  I have worked hard to get where I am at and the mistakes I have made will only make me stronger in the long run.  But stop trying to bring me down.  Let me ask you this, does it make you feel good about yourself to bring me to that level?  I have never ever felt so empty.  I have never felt such low self worth.  I hope your parents taught you what empathy means.  I know mine did.  So if you really want to get to know me... here is what I am:
I am determined.
I am curious.
I am intense. 
I am spontaneous.
I am artistic.
I am loyal.
I am courageous.
I am stubborn.
I am ambitious.
I am responsible.
I am helpful.
I am energetic. 
I am friendly. 
I am patient.
I am imaginative. 
I am peaceful. 
I am compassionate. 
I am free spirited. 
I am generous. 
I am smart. 
I am not perfect.  
I am Haley. 

I hope you know that I have feelings too.  


  1. Here is what I think of you:

    You are absolutely GORGEOUS.

    You are extremely talented.

    Super nice.

    Amazingly inspirational and creative.

    You are funny and very smart.

    And you're just straight up awesome!

    The cat's pajamas!

    Anyone who disagrees is coconuts, because you're super delightful! ;)

    <3 Alicia

  2. Yes, all of the above, plus: courageous, sensitive, impulsive (but driven!), affectionate, and, above all, exemplary. You know what you think and why you think it, and you are not shy about putting it out there. As you already know, not everyone out there who disagrees with you is going to do it nicely or respectfully. Don't let them get you down.