Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The "Bucket List"

Ah yes, I’m answering the big, bold, breath taking question... what’s on your bucket list?

1.) Run nude through a public place.  The thought of just doing something this rebellious kind of inspires me.
2.) Come up with at least 100 things for my “bucket list”.
3.) Write and sell a book. (I know I need to work on my grammar a wee bit).
4.) Send a message in a bottle.
5.) Travel the world.  I know that’s kind of broad, but I really really want to be able to experience as much as I can, and as many cultures as I can while I’m alive. 
6.) Ride my horse across the country. 
7.) Flatten a coin collection on train tracks.
8.) Have a meaningful conversation with a bum.
9.) Live abroad.
10.) Learn how to say the alphabet backwards, really really really faaaaast.
11.)  Fast for 72 hours.
12.)  Build a working piece of furniture.
13.)  Have my own business.
14.)  Learn to speak another language...fluently.
15.)  Be on an outdoor hunting channel. 
16.) Shower in the rain.
17.) Hitchhike somewhere worth hitchhiking for. 
18.) Show my boobies at Mardis Gras 
19.)  Attend a huge pride festival.  
20.) Get out of debt.
21.) Marry. 
22.) Run a marathon.
23.) Kiss a famous person.
24.) Sex on an airplane.
25.) Create my dream home.
26.) Live in the mountains.
27.) Be in two places at once.
28.) Get closure on all my hurt, grievances and unhappiness of my past.
29.) Visit a volcano, up close and personal.
30.) Fall back in love.
31.) Go on a romantic getaway with someone I hardly know.
32.) Visit the haunted castles in England and Scotland. 
33.) See the “Mona Lisa”. 
34.) Learn how to read music.
35.) Be able to make the “Chubaka” sound, perfectly.
36.) Walk the Inca Trail in Peru.
37.) Swim with sharks.
38.) Be a mentor. 
39.) Give more than I can afford to charity.
40.) Drive to Alaska.
41.) Photograph wild endangered species.
42.) Work in Africa.
43.) Change someone’s life.
44.) Punch someone in the face who I really really dislike.
Holyyyyyy Crap.  
45.) Own a horse ranch.
46.) Fall in love with a cowboy.
47.) Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
48.) Blog everyday for a year. 
49.) Photo copy my bare butt on a copy machine.
50.) Work with veterans.
51.) Work in a war zone.
To be continued....

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