Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coincidence? I think not.

           Yesterday, while sitting in one of my Art Therapy classes, a couple friends and I got started on the subject of dreams.  I brought up that I had been having this reoccurring dream of being pregnant and how traumatizing it has been for me.  Later that night, I went home..worked on some homework and went to sleep.  I usually wake up a couple times in the night, pee...drink some water, ya know...Well I slept the whole night.  Dreamt one dream. I woke up this morning shaking, sweating, and horrible stomach cramps... literally thinking I was pregnant.  I laid in bed and thought about it, and yes, in fact... I had just had ANOTHER prego dream.  The dream was so real and so intense that I actually felt the labor pains in my sleep, and I actually thought I was pregnant when I woke up.  Having a traumatic dream like that, of course it threw my whole day off kilter.  I showed up to my 1o'clock class where one of my classmates was scheduled to do her presentation.  It just so happened that her presentation was on Salvador Dali and dreams.  Coincidence?  I think not. 
          Being the person that I am, I usually just ignore it and go on with my life.  Since everything was so "coincidentally" occurring, I decided to look up the reason why I am having these dreams.  According to one website...If you're not worried about pregnancy (which I am NOT...unless of course God wants me to be the next Mother Mary...psssh. Ya right, right?), a dream of being pregnant symbolizes an aspect of your personality or personal life that is growing and developing, but is not yet ready to be talked about or acted on. It represents the birth of a new idea, direction or goal.  Me and my new internship... realizing how to overcome certain things in my life...pregnancy dreams?  Coincidence?  I think not.