Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Illinois & I Became Friends.

                Illinois and I didn't always get along. There were constant disputes between us,
  • 1.) I always blamed that state for stealing my mom away from me and making her so far away. My mom moved there to be with the love of her life (who I also love very much so I'm thankful for that) but damn it just sucks that she's so far away.
  • 2.) Illinois has terrible roads. If I wanted my tires to fall off I would just go bajaing in my back yard. Don't forget the tolls. GOOD LORD. If I wanted to drive into a death trap..well, I wouldn't really want to.
  • 3.) The drivers are just plain mean. Cutting you off, not using blinkers and of course "giving you the bird".
             However, despite all these crappy things about the state.... I have learned a lot of good things. A lot of great things actually. When my mom first moved to Elwood, IL about 3-4ish years ago.. she developed a family with her friends and neighbors. At first, I felt inferior that my mom (who didn't live by me anymore) was taking these other people (adults and kids) as her own blood. I was sour for a long, long time. I missed my mom, and I was young and I didn't have half the open heart as I do now. I was probably a tad bit jealous as well... just a little though.  A year or two went by, and I decided it was about damn time I let these people into my heart. I had heard over and over again about all the people my mom spent all her time with, so I figured well... if she likes them so much, there must be something really special about them.
           SO.... I met them. I remember the first time I met them like it was yesterday. They took my sister and I in like we were their family, their blood.  They never once judged us for who we are, how we were raised, or where we came from.  Both of them greeted us with hugs, and it was family at first  sight.  Literally.  Let me advise you, family is very very very important to me, the one you were born into may or may not be perfect, but they are perfect for you.  The family that you create may or may not be perfect either, but they were sent into your life for a reason. If these people are in your life for a reason, then let that reason benefit you, teach you, or educate you in some shape or form.  All of my family, blood or not... are there for a lifetime and going to be held tight, because good people can be hard to find.
              A tree may grow many branches, some grow old, some fall off, and some get ugly. But at the bottom of your tree there are only a few roots, and those roots are the ones that hold it all together those are the ones that you nurture so they can keep blossoming

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